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We offer a very suitable capture board for producing an trial version of image application using a PC/AT. Also, we provide every information for your research and development. (a special contract is necessary) For example, when you want to develop an application using a image information or an image recognition system,
  1. You need a detailed information for controlling a hardware.
  2. Although you want to use a plurality of cameras or you want to capture a stereo.
  3. You want to access an image data in a easy RGB form.
  4. You want to access an image data to which no unnecessary process (such as compression) is not applied.
  5. You want to try to make a program (i.e. software) together with a consultant who gives advice with respect to your query during development of application.
  6. You would like to ask us to make a part of as well as a total application program.
Please use our capture board!!
Feature of Hardware
  1. Full color 640x480x30 fps(*1)
  2. PCI bus
  3. 6 NTSC inputs, 2 NTSC lines of them can be captured simultaneously (*2)
  4. 2 type (RGB form and YUV form) outputs (The present device driver supports RGB output only).
  5. Device drivers for Windows NT (3.5, 3.51) and Windows 95, Linux.
(*1) When data is directly transmitted to a main memory under the Windows NT, a size is limited to 320x240. Under the Windows 95, in the case of the full color, the maximum size is 480x360, because of physical memory allocation problem. The capturing speed depends on the configuration of machine environment. The above 30 fps is a theoretical maximum speed.
(*2) The stereo function is need to be set by means of a jumper switch.
(*3) See also manual page. (Japanese only)
(*4) This board run PCI rev 2.1 above. Orion chipset is not supported.

Services and Supports
  1. A program can be developed according to your request.
  2. Friendly Information Mail Box Service are presented for developers who develop systems by themselves.
  3. Sources of our sample programs are disclosed.
  4. Sources of device drivers are disclosed (for Linux and FreeBSD).
  5. A class library (for VC++) which has been developed in Keio University is offered (Free).
  6. There is a source of web server program for PC-UNIX which serve real time image to web clients by "server push".

The current version of the device drivers and the tcp/ip communication sample programs using a viccl (= VC++ class library ) are here.

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TEL: +81-3-3723-8616 FAX: +81-3-3723-8739