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This documet last modified (April1/1999). latest version of GifScissors is ver1.1.

What is GifScissors?

GifScissors is an application software which devides an GIF/JPEG image file to several parts,and layouts them to a HTML file keeping same appearance on WWW Browser.As each internal image of HTML file becomes get smaller, your Web page will be downloaded much more faster.


1.How to use GifScissor

2.Registration info / User Support info.

3.Spec/Version History


1 How to use GifScissor

1.1  Loading image file.

Drag & drop your gif/jpeg image file to GifScissor icon.After opening a file,three windows will open (Main Window,Tool Box and Link Window).The windows are described in 1.2.1.GifScissors ver 1.0 can open only one file at once.
1.2 Reference
1.2.1 Windows

1.2.2  Tools

1.3 Division Settiong
Set divesion line by scissor tool vertically(holizonally).

1.4 HyperLink

Choose  hyperlink tool .You can set hyperlink on the area encircled by division line.Click the area you want to set hyperlink,then input  URL or filename to link window.Also you can set TARGET with hyperlink. Once hyperlink is set ,the link depends on its left and upper division line.So if you delete deivision line which placed under or right of hyperlink area,the area is to be enlarged.

1.5 File Generation

After setting all devision line and hyperlink ,push execution button.Then this GifScissor generates  gif files and HTML file.First,you have to name them.
   (e.g) When you name them 'top',devided gif files generated by GifScissor is to be named like 'top-2_2.gif' by where that file is placed.HTML file is named 'top.hthml'.
All generated files are saved under a folder named "*** folder".
2 Registration info/User Support

2.1 About Registration

This GifScissor is a shareware.If you like it, you are encouraged to register.Price is \1000  per 1 licence.
2.2 How to Register
2.2.1 How to pay
・By Credit Card
    You can pay by your credit card form Vector Softoware Pack.(
    After we confirm your payment ,we send you Key and ID.
2.2.2 Registration
Choose preference form "file" menu ,then input your Key & ID.Notice;when you re-instoll GifScissor  you need Key &ID.So do not foget your Key &ID by e-mail.
2.3 Trial
Without registration,your GifScissor would be  in trial term.Trial conditions is here.  In trial term,we show you the dialog to notice you are in trial term when you start GifScissor and save devided files.

2.4 about version-up

Your key & ID would be effecive future version of GifScissor.For better development,we need your help.Any feedbacks are appriciated.

2.5 User support.

If you would like obtain the lateset version of GifScissors,suggest new features,or complain about bug,just contact us at:
ArgoCraft co.__________________________________________
   snail: 2-3-8 Midorigaoka,Meguro-Ku,TOKYO 152-0034 JAPAN



3.Spec/Version History.

3.1 Specification

version 1.0
-system requirement-
OS:  MacOS system 7 or later
Hardware:  Apple PowerMacintosh
RAM:  10MB recomended

max division  vertical        32
                       horizonal    32

3.2 Version History.

1999.03.17 ver1.0    Initial release
1999.03.31 ver1.1   supporting Transparent Gif

---In planning for future versions
1.Generating JavaScript  code for animation at onMouseOver.
2.Windows edittion,Macintosh 68k edittion.


4. Notes

GifScissors is a program for deviding Gif/Jpeg.The following files should be present in the GifScissors folder.

This collection of files may be freely redistributed as long asa all files remain together.GifScissors and all accompanying files are copyright property of ArgoCraft Co.

The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the Copyright property of CompServe Incorpotrated.Gif(sm) is a Service Mark property of CompServe Incorporated.

Disclaimer of Warranty:
Although we have tested GifScissors and reviewed the documentation,ArgoCraft makes no warrantites whith respect to GifScissors,its quality,performance,merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

GifScissors is owned by ArgoCraft

GifScissors may not be modified,reverse-engineered,decompiled,or disassembled.

GifScissors ゥArgoCraft 1999 htttp://

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